Hexcorder MM CIPS / DCVG Surveys


  • Designed for close interval potential surveys (CIPS), direct current voltage gradient surveys (DCVG) or both combined
  • Work with interruption cycles as fast as 1 second
  • User alarms can be enabled to help ensure data integrity
  • GPS location data stored with each reading
  • Records chainage, date and time with each reading
  • Active AC filter to remove the effect of induced AC
  • Reads and stores waveforms
  • Comments can be easily entered into the data stream
  • Data stored in an ASCII comma delimited text file
    -No special software required
    –  Easy to import and graph in any standard spreadsheet or database program
  • Software upgradeable
  • Choice of hip pack or back pack wire dispenser
  • Comes complete with all cables, reference electrodes, etc to start surveying, including a spool of wire
  • Optional sub-meter GPS precision available
  • Optional on-site survey training is available
  • Comprehensive 1 year warranty


Spec Sheet  Manual


DCVG / CIPS combinedBenefits

  • Can perform three different types of survey at the same time, CIPS, DCVG and mapping
  • All data obtained in the same location with the same weather and soil conditions
  • Easy to correlate cathodic protection data with coating integrity data to better prioritize remediation
  • Waveforms allow the user to capture electrical interference
  • Can also act as a stationary data logger for stray or telluric current studies
  • GPS location data can be imported into mapping software


  • Hexcorder MM
  • Wire dispenser with one spool of survey wire
  • Choice of:  – Hip pack for short surveys, urban areas 2 km (1.25 mile) survey wire or Back pack – long, across country surveys ,16 km (10 mile) survey wire
  • 2 x half cell extension poles
  • 2 x Cu/CuSO4 half cells
  • Carrying strap
  • Half cell and wire dispenser cables
  • Data logger cable
  • GPS magnet mount antenna
  • AC charger; 120/240 V AC, 50/60 Hz input
  • RS-232 straight through cable
  • USB to RS-232 converter
  • Rugged carrying case
  • Owners manual

Technical Specification

  • Range: +/- 5 V DC
  • A/D Converter: 14 bit
  • Memory Capacity: 1 Mb, expandable to 2Mb
  • Input Impedance: 10 M ohm or 250 M ohm
  • AC Rejection: 100 dB active filter
  • Case: Machined aluminum with powder coat
  • Dimensions: 21cm x 19cm x 6cm (8” x 7.5” x 2.5”)
  • Weight: 3.2 kg
  • Battery: 7.2V 4.5 amp hour NiMH
  • User Interface: 240 x 64 graphic LCD with 40 key QWERTY membrane keypad
  • Communications: RS-232
  • Carrying Case: Plastic, IP 67 rated 53cm x 45cm x 23cm (21” x 18” x 9”)
  • Fully integrated 12 satellite WAAS / EGNOS GPS antenna – GPS co-ordinates, altitude, PDOP and number of satellites logged with every reading – Sub-metre GPS precision available upon request


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