Cathodic Technology was incorporated in 1980 by Peter Nicholson and began performing surveys, consulting, and other work in the corrosion industry. Being unsatisfied with the available equipment, Peter designed his own equipment to meet the unique demands of the corrosion industry. He was the first to integrate GPS synchronization between the data loggers and current interrupters, allowing a shorter and more accurate interruption cycle.

Our product offering is lead by the Hexcorder, a GPS synchronized survey instrument capable of performing CIPS, DCVG or combined CIPS & DCVG surveys. The data is stored and downloaded as a ASCII comma delimited text file, which can be imported into the software of the customer’s choice. The Hexcorder is complimented by our range of GPS synchronized current interrupters, capable of interrupting a range of amperage’s. Additionally, we offer two styles of data loggers. Our Smart Logger is GPS synchronized, allowing the surveyor to record dynamic stray current or telluric interference data on a survey. Our newest logger, the CorrReader, is designed to allow non-technical users to obtain proper survey results from single point surveys, such as test stations or tank farms.  Finally, we make a range of GPS synchronized current interrupters, both portable and for retrofit into rectifiers.

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