CIPS and DCVG Training

On-site training has the advantage of training your entire staff on the actual equipment they will own under your true operating/field conditions and can be scheduled at a time of mutual convenience. Training consists of an initial product orientation starting with some background information on what we are doing with the equipment and why and some basics of cathodic protection, GPS, etc. The course can be tailored to suit the education or experience level of the audience. The attendees then move on to assembling the survey gear and programming the equipment for a survey as well as installing current interrupters etc. The class then moves outdoors for some live hands on working with the equipment. Each attendee is encouraged to participate and survey a short section of pipe (approx. 100 – 200 meters). Different survey styles and techniques are explored for conducting DCVG, CIPS or a combined DCVG & CIPS survey. The class then moves back indoors and the data is downloaded and graphed so that each attendee can see their own survey section. Basically we walk the attendees through everything from assembling and programming the equipment to doing surveys then downloading and graphing the data. There is usually plenty of time for free flowing dialogue and questions & answers. During the course there are approximately a dozen PowerPoint presentations that the attendees work through. At the end of the course each attendee is provided a CD with all the owner’s manuals, data sheets and PowerPoint presentations for their future reference along with a certificate of completion.


Training is quoted as a flat rate to provide a 3-day course on site at your location. Travel, meal & accommodation expenses would be additional. Training requires access to a section of pipeline with an impressed current CP system and access to the nearest transformer rectifier. A classroom type area is also necessary and a digital projector would be much appreciated. Someone from your offices to provide translation may also be necessary.  In order to ensure a quality experience, we recommend limiting the course to a maximum of 10 attendees. The price quoted is per course so if you have 10 attendees it’s actually quite economical for a 3-day session. We have found that it is often beneficial to invite staff from any local pipeline operators or government regulatory officials to attend the course if you can’t fill the 10 seats yourself so that when they see you out on the pipeline right of way with the equipment in the future they will have a much better understanding of what you are doing and the capabilities of the equipment.


Cath-Tech has provided custom tailored on-site training Worldwide and would be happy to help your organization.


We have provided training to:


  • PetroChina
  • Alyeska Pipeline
  • Alliance Pipeline
  • BTC Pipeline
  • Town Gas Hong Kong
  • Petrobras Brazil
  • And many others…
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