At NACE Corrosion 2019 in Nashville, TN Cathodic Technology Ltd. was presented with the NACE Distinguished Organization Award at the annual awards banquet. This prestigious award is presented to organizations “that have made outstanding contributions to the field of corrosion science or engineering over a sustained period of time, or for a major technological contribution to either field.”

Cath-Tech have long been on the cutting edge of pipeline integrity surveys. A few of the more notable technological achievements are:

Cath-Tech pioneered the use of GPS timing and synchronization between mobile survey instruments, current interrupters and stationary data loggers eliminating interrupter timing drift and the need to daisy chain interrupters together and re-synchronize them every few days.

Cath-Tech pioneered and perfected the concept of performing combined CIPS & DCVG surveys over the pipe in one pass.

Cath-Tech developed & refined equipment allowing for the correction of dynamic stray currents and telluric interference in mobile survey data.

We look forward to the future and the opportunity to continue to provide innovative solutions to the corrosion prevention & control industry.

Jeff Didas, NACE President with Elizabeth Nicholson and Peter Nicholson

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